If you want a 50% discount for Forest, please make sure you follow these requirements in your post:

  1. Your post must have at least 30 characters
  2. You must include the word ‘forest’ somewhere in your post
  3. I will reply to my own post, and you have to type the word and answer the question – (these characters do not count in the 30)
  4. You must tell me your email address – (these characters also do not count in the 30)

Here is an example of what your reply might look like:

Hi Jaz, I really like your blog. I have never been to a forest before. Have you? I think your idea of a JazCam blog is really clever!



Now, if you want a free book, here’s what you do…

On one day per month, I will be editing ONE post for ONE day. If you find the clue word in my post, follow steps 1-4, and email me the secret word.

My email addres is



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