Forest – More Info


Have you followed the steps to get your copy of Forest? Well, if you have, or you want to, here is some more information about it.

What is the book about?

‘Forest’ is told through 17 year old Aubree Parkers. Aubree is an ordinary girl, with a very extraordinary life. The book has romance, danger, a disappearance. Follow Aubree’s journey to discover where, and how, this disappearance has happened, and how she solves it. Will she find the man, before she disappears too?

How do I pay for the book?

The book will be only $5 for a month and a half, and then it will go onto $10 for a month and a half, etc, etc, etc. We will communicate through emails to organise when you will pay, and I will tell you where to send the money to.

Who is the book recommended to?

I would recommend this book for 13 – 17 year olds. If the book were a movie, it would be rated PG-M.


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