Nearly Christmas!!!


Hi everyone!
As you know, it is nearly x-mas. Hurray! What are you doing for Christmas? I have some friends coming over, and we might go swimming in the pool. Β (We have a pool).

Anyway, here are some random photos I have taken, which includes a reindeer; (me!)


Hello Everyone!


I found a new youtube channel! It is a DIY craft channel. Search theeasydiy. SO MANY COOL THINGS!


Anyway, not many people have seen my blog 😦

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I wonder how you got here?

Sometimes, when I’m going through random stuff on google or youtube or whatever, I just get to these random things, and I have no idea how I got there.

If you can remember how you got here, tell me in the comments!




This holidays I went to Canberra to stay with my Nanna. We went to Floriade, a flower festival. I got this really awesome hair thing that can do HEAPS of different hair styles! Look!

This is not a very useful hair style, and I don’t use it; (I’m notΒ thatΒ weird). There’s heaps others. Go to